MGCC Competition - Final A Class results for 2012

2012 winner Ric Collett


Richard Collett

MGA 01




David Hutchings





Leon Howell

MG 831




Mike Ellsmore





David Ritchie

WRE 344




Glenn Renshaw

CH 0237





Final A Class results for 2011

   Leon (left) receiving the Silver Conrod from 2010-2011 Club President Mike Herlihy

The overall winner s

1st Leon Howell                Roadster,        69 Points

2nd Mike Ellsmore           Roadster,        61 Points

3rd David Hutchings      Roadster,        48 Points


The MGA is a car with a competition pedigree. The MGA Register promotes participation of MGAs in Club competition to ensure that the model is appropriately represented at these events. In competition recently, approximately 10 MGAs have participated in various competition events. However, only 4 or 5 compete regularly. The Register would like to increase this number.

What is Club Competition?
The Club Competition is not hardcore racing. For those who wish to race their cars there is a separate racing register.

Club competition typically consists of:   

Motorkhanas a test of driver skill on a paved surface

Hillclimbs a test of speed involving a single car at a time
OSTs a test of driver skill in a field (sometimes involving mud)

Sprints a test of speed involving racing against a clock (does not normally involve passing other cars)

Mini Monte a test of navigation and patience


Concours a test of polishing skill, possibly the best event to get to know other club members.

MG standard class rules:


The link below is pre-competition event check list for entry to all events run by the club.
        MGCC Competition  Preparation  Matrix PDF    -    Competition and Social Packing List

Rules and eligibility are sometimes modified by the club, check with the club Captain for updates.

The benefits of competing in these types of events are may and varied.  Your MGA was built to compete.  To keep such a machine locked up in a garage for most of its life, only letting it out for short runs on warm sunny days, is cruel.
There is simply nothing that compares with the thrill of competition when man (or woman) and machine, of roughly the same age, become one and conquer a course.
It has also been suggested that competing in your MGA reduces the risk of heart disease, reduces cholesterol, improves your sex life and makes you a more interesting person.
Does your car qualify as an MGA for competition purposes?

Generally, to qualify as an MGA for competition purposes your car must:

Have a B-series engine and standard cylinder head casting (eg one used in the MGA, Magnette or MGB)
Use original form of induction (ie have carburetors and no supercharging)
Use the original configuration of body shell and suspension
Use the original form of braking system
Be road registered and roadworthy

Will competition adversely affect my car?
This depends on the condition of your car and how you drive it.

MGA,s were built for competition. They can easily withstand being driven enthusiastically around a track or around witches hats (in a motorkhana), however, care and common sense needs to be exercised, particularly with wire wheels.

Is my car good enough to use in competition?
This depends on why you want to compete.

Most, if not all, Club members who participate in the Club competition do so because it is fun. Few, if any, do it with the sole or primary purpose of wining.
Unless you have previous experience, you are unlikely to win many events when you are starting out. At this stage, a standard MGA is more than adequate for competition. However, as you improve you are likely to seek improved performance from your car.

Who can answer any questions I may have about competition?
If you would like to know more about the Club competition events please contact one of the members of the MGA Register Committee. Their contact details are listed in the contacts section of the website. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Compiled Daniel Levy